Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Micah Man!

I had this set to post on his birthday, yesterday, but it didn't!  Oh well, a day late!

Micah Man--

I don't ever think you'll live that nickname down!  I can't even remember your middle name half the time because I just know you as Micah Man :).  You are my true little boy love.  You are such a momma's boy and I can't help but cherish it.  Although you are currently getting your two year molars and they are causing you to be quite cranky and have a red bottom, you are still the sweetest you can be.  Even if you're upset, I can usually cuddle you and calm you right down.  You adore your big sister and love playing with her.  You love your little sister, 'baby nana' as you call her, and you are even usually pretty good with her.  You love to kiss her head and 'hug' her with yours!  You can play rough with your guy friends and then turn around and play barbies and dress up with Cara.  Though you miss Cara now that she's at preschool 3 days a week (and ask where she is most days), you really enjoy your time with just me while Anna takes naps.  We have fun playing together.  Currently, you love Cars and Elmo, though we try not to let you watch them that often.  And whenever you go to friends houses that have cable, you enjoy Mickey Mouse!!  We still have to 'cage you in' to your bed to keep you from getting out.  But you let us know as soon as you are up.  You usually are in bed (not asleep) by 7:15-7:30 each night and get out of bed between 7 and 7:30 am.  You still nap once a day for about 2 hours, if I do it just right.  Here lately you've been trying to fight it, but Mommy is going to win this battle for at least another year ;).

You are already amazing us at your love of God, even at 2!!  You LOVE singing your Seeds Family Worship songs!  And anytime there is a fireplace hearth or little stage, you jump on it and sing either, "Hallelujah Praise the Lord" or "Rock E-turtle" (which is the Rock Eternal song from Seeds of Praise).  I Love IT!!  And one night before bed a month ago or so, you said you wanted to pray with Mommy, so I said the following, and you repeated each phrase:
"Dear God
Thank you for today
We love you
We praise you
We honor you
In Jesus' name

It was so cute, I kept saying it, and now you have it memorized.  You still like to say it after me, but you'll speed up at the end to finish first.  And one day at nap I forgot to pray it with you, and I walked by your room after I laid you down and I heard you saying, "we honor you in Jesus' name amen!" :).  It melts my heart when I hear things like that. 

Micah--God has blessed us with you.  You are the perfect complement to our family and we praise Jesus for bringing you to our earthly home!  We are the blessed ones that get to raise you. Love you son!!

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1 comment:

Aims said...

Oh my goodness this was such a sweet post. I almost want to cry. I don't know if it is because I am missing my Katy family, or because I adore your Micah Man so much. Probably a little of both.

Happy birthday, big boy!!

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