Monday, October 04, 2010

You were right!

This post is totally random, but just go with me :).

You (2) were right, that picture from the last post is Micah.  It's hard to find him in non-boy colored clothes and his red hair a-blazing.  That was my best (quick) effort! :)

Ok, so you know how after you (ok, maybe it's just me) have a baby, you don't feel very cute?  I rarely put on makeup (let's face it, I rarely do even when I'm not post partum), I still have the big belly, even though I'm 5 pounds UNDER my pre-pregnancy weight.  Yeah, thanks for 'rearranging' to right there! :)  Anyways, there is the occasional need to look nice.  My friends and I had a (very promising!) Tot 2 Tot business meeting this morning with a local business, and, though I warned the man we were meeting with that we'd be toting anywhere from 3-6 kids to the meeting with us, I still wanted to look as 'professional' as a momma wearing a baby in a sling can look :).  So I dropped Cara at preschool, and my good friend met me at the church and watched Micah for me (even though his playmate was in preschool!) so I could just have Anna.  She even commented that I looked cute today.  I thanked her, then mentioned I had forgotten to put makeup on, but I was dressed as cute as 'post partum still wearing maternity (be it my most cute maternity) clothes' can be!  I felt cute.  I love wearing Anna in the sling (and love even more that I wasn't chasing my other 2 around).  The meeting went great!   We were so pumped.

So, fast forward a couple hours.  I've retrieved Micah, fed us lunch, got him down for a nap and proceed to start getting Anna ready to eat.  I realize I hadn't changed her diaper in a while (and today is washing cloth diapers day), so I put on one of the last ones I had for her.  It's an old one, and though it works, I know the elastic is starting to go and she might get her outfit wet.  I think to myself, oh well, she still has about 100 0-3 month onesies she's hasn't worn yet and she's about grown out of them, so no biggie.  So we sit on the couch and start nursing and I call my mother-in-law because I had missed a call from her.  We're chit-chatting when all of a sudden I feel warm.  On the boppy and running down onto my pants.  I exclaim, "Oh gross!" and Clara tries to get off the phone.  I said no need, she just peed on me, but she's feeding so there's nothing I can do about it now!  :)  She had peed and it was so fast (or forceful) that the diaper didn't even have time to absorb it!  It just went racing out the side of the diaper (did I mention Anna happened to not get wet at all!) and into my lap.  So I get to sit there for 10 minute feeding her, all the while looking like I did indeed pee in MY pants! 

Oh the joys of motherhood :).  I'm not complaining, at least I got to look cute (though makeup-less) for a couple hours this morning!  And I wouldn't trade my spitup/pee stained clothes for a minute in anyone else's life.  It has recently hit me how fast they are growing up (when did Cara turn 4 and turn into a little girl instead of my baby!!!), and I am choosing to cherish each and every moment I have with them. 

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