Thursday, January 27, 2011

Anna 4 - 5 months

I cannot believe my baby is 5 months old!!  I'm so far behind.  I feel like my entire life has been behind for about 2 months now.  I am counting down the days until summer.  I have so much to catch up on when Eric is home!! :)

So at 4 months my chunky monkey was:  (well, I gotta find the paper, can't remember most)
height: 24??  70% ish
weight:  16 pounds 3 ounces (the week before she was 15 pounds 9 ounces...10 ounces in 7 days!)  83% ish
head circumference:  who knows  50%

Once we figured out she had reflux and started medicating, she got much better.  She's sleeping better and better.  She usually goes from around 7 at night until 8 or so in the morning with one night feeding, usually around 4 or so.  The problem is that mommy isn't going to bed until after midnight, so I'm tired.  I got in a bad schedule when E was home for two weeks at Chrsitmas, and I haven't fixed it yet. 

Ok, more about Anna.  She rolled over back to tummy on January 7th, which was about 4.5 months.  She beat C and M by a few weeks.  She's a pretty happy baby, and even takes all the silly bows and flowers I put on her head.  She's definitely going to be a red head.....if she ever gets hair :).  I think she looks SO similar to Cara when Cara was little.  Everyone sees Micah with the red hair, but all I see is Cara.  Ok, I have more to write, but bed is calling my name.  Actually, it's Eric and he's cleaning the cabinets.  Yeah, we're putting the house on the market in 5 days because we're crazy!!

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Aims said...

Woah. That last sentence smacked me in the back of the head and demanded to be re-read. House on the market?! Way to go Newsomes!! Here is hoping for a very fast sale for you!! Love and miss you guys!

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