Thursday, January 13, 2011

God things

I haven't been blogging.  Not because I don't want to, and definitely not because I don't have blog posts writing themselves in my head, especially as I'm trying to fall asleep, but because life gets busy.  I do not want my lack of posting to equate to lack of God's movement in my life.  I have absolutely (again) been re-falling in love with my savior, His undeserving love for me, and in turn, the love I should show others. 

I've also been scared!  God's been moving in my life, and has called me to do something I could never do in my own self.  This year, I'm memorizing the book of Ephesians.  I've only told 4 people about this, and didn't really want to tell others in case I failed.  Especially since I'm only on verse three.  But it's been amazing focusing on just one verse, even just the intro to a letter.  God's word is all inspired.  I'm so glad he focused my brain because there were so many things I wanted to focus on this year.  Increase our giving sacrificially.  More intentional time with the kids diving into God's word.  Losing weight.  LOTS of weight.  But, as I focus on His word, things are falling into place.  I wanted to join the YMCA.  I had been a member in the past, and it felt like the only way I could get any kind of exercise in with the 3 kids at home.  However, I didn't want it to be a burden on our budget.  We already qualify for 25% off the monthly fee, but $65 is $65.  So I prayed a lot last month about sending customers to my etsy shop, so I could pay for the YCMA via our 'extra' income that's not in our budget...since we never know what's it's going to be.  He had blessed me by the third day of January!!  And he's already blessed me with the first few months of the year :).  Plus, when we went to sign up, there is now a 1 parent w/kids option.  It's always been there, but they wouldn't let you use it unless you were a single parent household.  However, I asked about it because Eric never has time to go and they said we could have it, that they had changed their policies :).  So it's even less expensive.  And God has placed on my heart about what better to do with my Misty's Blessings income.  More on that to come. 

I just can't praise Jesus enough.  Cara is doing great in her Awana's, and learning more and more verses.  And now Micah likes saying them with her so he's learning some as well.  Anna is getting on a better night schedule and is now going between 8.5 and 12 hours between night feedings (so she usually eats around 7 and doesn't eat again until at least 4 or 5, if not later).  Eric is just amazing.  His love for his 'kids' at school, his new found love of guitar, his leadership of our house.  I love that man.  He and I work so well together, I'm so please to be his 'helpmate' of the last almost 10 years! 

If you're looking for some encouraging blogs to read here are two:
This is a woman that goes to our church.  She's in Uganda (almost on her way home) adopting her baby girl.  I've had 2 of her sons in various things at church, and they are loving, Godly boys.  It's been great reading her adoption journey.  But even better, is reading about physical ways we can help the children in the orphanages and schools in Uganda.  What a place they live in.  Why God chose me for America and not a life like that, I'll never know, but I praise Him for where I am.  And I want a heart like his for those kids and families.
This is another mom blog.  She has an amazing love for her God and a unique writing style.  I was particularly drawn to her post about I don't my kids to be happy.  I'm right with her!!  (I'll post link later, anna is waking up) :)

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Sandra said...

You don't know me, but I work with Shannon Wood and have read your blog for a while.
-I was in Bible Quiz as a teenager and let me tell you that memorizing a book of scripture, especially Ephesians, is totally doable. You can do it! I think it sounds like a great idea! I'd like to memorize it with you. I love a challenge!

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