Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Did this really just happen?

Let me set the stage.  We picked Cara up from school at 2:30.  Walked in the door, looked at all she had done in school today.  She received a candy cane from her teacher, which I let her have, and I gave Micah about 1/3 of one of our ones from Christmas, to keep them busy while I fed Anna.  A few minutes later Micah is done and comes to me with sticky fingers.  I asked Cara to go get me the wipes from the bathroom so I can clean his fingers.  He stayed there and let me clean him without touching anything first (miracle #1).  She finished her candy cane and then got a wipe for herself.  I kept feeding the baby.  When I looked up she is using her wipe to clean our glass breakfast table.  I asked what she was doing and she said, "Cleaning the table, because I know you like it clean."  Awwww....  So I said thank you sweet girl, I love when I catch you doing something good.  Maybe I'll have to find a small prize for you.  She whispered, "How about Candy??"  I said, "no, sweetie, you just had a candy cane and I don't want you to think candy is your reward anytime you do good."  Her response, "Mom, you just said candy out loud, now Micah is going to want some.  Micah--you can't have candy, you just had a candy cane."  I said, 'Sweetie--you just had a candy cane too.'  "I know mom." 

So many things going through my mind.  I love that my girl likes to help, especially with the cleaning.  She is especially good at being a little mommy, and I have no idea where she gets the bossy side to her :).  God gave this princess to me for a reason :)

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