Saturday, May 07, 2011

Quick baby brag

So much to post little time :)

Anna flew by 8 months almost 2 weeks ago now.  I finally got her pictures taken eariler this week.  She is one of the most laid back happiest babies.  I guess that comes when you are # 3.  Of course, her reflux days weren't so laid back, but now that that seems to be past us for the most part, she is pretty content. 

She has been waving for over a month now.  At first I thought it was really early and she was just flopping her arm around, but if you say Hi to her, she immediate looks and starts waving.  She has the full on arm wave and what I like the call the "queen's wave."  You know the one.  :)  I also kinda consider hi as her first word.  If we say it over and over she'll start to repeat us.  She's been babbling for quite awhile.  She loves babababa, and today while visiting with my parents my step-dad swore she said papapapa.  It's so convenient that's he's called Papa ;).  She is super loved by Cara and Micah and just lights up when they sit down with her to keep her company.

She is still in my most favorite baby stage.  Sitting, playing and not going anywhere yet! :)  But, alas, that phase is almost past us.  She is trying with all her might to reach things.  She crawls forward with her arms, then just looks at her little feet like, "why are you in my way."  She just can't seem to climb over them!  I know we'll be in for it soon.  And I'll have to start keeping my floors a bit cleaner!!  haha. 

Here's a cute picture from a few weeks ago.  Still have about a month of pictures to download from my camera, I've gotten so bad about that.  Love my little bitty girl!

Totally forgot, she has had 2 teeth break through this last week! :) 

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Aims said...

What a sweet, yummy pic! Love that sweet girl!!

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