Monday, October 31, 2011

Playgroup Costume Parties through the years....

This was our 6th annual playgroup/fall festival attendance dressing up our cuties.  I took a stroll down memory lane at all the playgroups we've attended over the years.  In 2006 (Cara's first) it didn't happen or we didn't go, but I got a picture with a friend at church :).  

Cara & Kaeli W.

2007 Cara as the bee (it made a reappearance this year) with Mason, Blake, Kizmet, Cara, Hailee, Ashlyn and Ella.

2008 with 4 day old Micah James
 First costume I made Cara :)

in 2009 at Meredith's house

in 2010 Cara was in preschool so we have her dance class costume party and playgroup at Mikel's house

2011 at Sterling's house, we kinda exploded!

 And just to compare my girls:

Anna 2011 Cara 2007 

Hope you enjoyed it.  Have SO MUCH TO BLOG :)
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