Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Day 1 of a Thankful Month

As a blog friend said, "gratitude is completely and totally linked to joy," and I totally agree.  I've noticed that the more I turn towards God and give him praise and prayers of thanksgiving, the more my life gets put in perspective and I am able to find joy in the hard parts of my days.  Because, after all, I have a pretty comfortable life.  So with that intro, I give you 30 days of joyful blogging :).  

I hope to write each day at least one quick thing I'm so very grateful for.  And hopefully it'll spur you on to give Our Maker thanks for your life as well.  

Today, as I mentioned on facebook, I am extremely grateful for a husband who chooses love.  I just finished the 5 love languages book (yes, I know, about 10 years later than everyone else--I had picked it up and started it about 12 times) and it reminded me of so many things.  One, that we speak different languages, so if I keep speaking my love language to HIM (which is not his) that it won't fill up his tank like speaking his language to him will.  So, for my words of affirmation hubby, know this: I love you!  I respect you!!  I am completely and totally in awe of everything you do for our family, and that includes putting up with me at my worst and best!  And I am so thankful you choose love, even on the hard days.  

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