Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve

Because I'm always the first one up and I prepped everything last night and have nothing to do: I thought I'd empty off my photo card. Then I'd blog. These kids really don't know how to wake up early and do it right on Chrsitmas ;). Of course, I'm not complaining! Ok, so here is Christmas eve at my mom's house rapid fire picture style

Cousin loving:

Cheesy grins with thankful hearts:

Fun swings to play outside (my kids heart that!)

Just a lounging around

Papa's hunting buddies now have chairs for the deer lease:

Jack's new slide was a big hit!

Yaya, Papa and my crew: Micah, Anna and Cara. All relatively smiling and looking at the camera!! :)

Sleepy Jack

Family Photos:


 Anna loves to kiss Jack

 Decorating our Happy Birthday Jesus cake for today.  Anna was in bed, and these two were TOO sweet!

Merry Christmas to all.  We pray you experience Christ's joy this coming year.  Blessings upon your family.

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