Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Digi scrapped :)

I've been digi-scrapping in the evenings while hanging with Eric. I got most of our Christmas done, just have Christmas Eve at my parents left to do. Here are some of my pages :). I use Photoshop Elements, and I use mostly either free templates/kits, or I occasionally buy my kits from Stuff to Scrap when they have big sales. Thanks to my friend Jen for always letting me know when that is :).

We love free Santa pictures from Bass Pro Shop :)
After church on Christmas Eve, making our Happy Birthday Jesus cake.

Christmas morning at home. Snuggling in bed, reading Luke 2, opening gifts, and monkey bread, our Christmas morning breakfast! :)

I scrapped each baby separately, because I had so many pictures and I loved them all!

Christmas day at The Newsomes and evening at our house.
We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and are safe and enjoy this wonderful New Years Eve!

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve

Because I'm always the first one up and I prepped everything last night and have nothing to do: I thought I'd empty off my photo card. Then I'd blog. These kids really don't know how to wake up early and do it right on Chrsitmas ;). Of course, I'm not complaining! Ok, so here is Christmas eve at my mom's house rapid fire picture style

Cousin loving:

Cheesy grins with thankful hearts:

Fun swings to play outside (my kids heart that!)

Just a lounging around

Papa's hunting buddies now have chairs for the deer lease:

Jack's new slide was a big hit!

Yaya, Papa and my crew: Micah, Anna and Cara. All relatively smiling and looking at the camera!! :)

Sleepy Jack

Family Photos:


 Anna loves to kiss Jack

 Decorating our Happy Birthday Jesus cake for today.  Anna was in bed, and these two were TOO sweet!

Merry Christmas to all.  We pray you experience Christ's joy this coming year.  Blessings upon your family.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011


I'm so behind in blogging about what's going on in our world, so I thought I'd throw a ton of pictures up of this past month, so you've been warned :). Here we go!

We LOVE to play outside, all 3 of the kids would do it all day if I let them. Here's Anna's cheesy smile she does each time she sees a camera or phone pointed her way:

Climbing up the house
We went to New Caney for Eric's mom's side of the family Christmas a couple weeks ago, fun times.

Uncle Sparky with Anna and Micah

The kids got some candy, can you tell they were happy? :)

L to R Janie, Terry, Linda, Lawrence, Clara and Joanie (Lawrence, Clara (E's mom), and Joanie are siblings, Linda is married to Lawrence and Terry is their cousin).

All the cousins

Two of my silly kiddos.
Waiting our turn to walk through Journey to Bethlehem at Current Church here in Katy. I hope to do another blog post about it, we highly recommend, we loved it!

All 5 of us after our Journey.

Micah at his preschool Chrsitmas party.

We had some family pictures taken last minute for a gift, here are a couple. The kids were CRAZY and it was FREEZING! Literally, the day it was in the 30s.

Thanks to my friend Jenny who was able to get with us last minute!

This is Anna playing with Andre, and her silly cheesy grin, it cracks us up!

Yesterday at one of my BFF's house. She made homemade play dough and we added peppermint and glitter. The kids had a ton of fun playing in it. We made extras to hand out to our neighbors.

Silly girl.

Again with the smile :)

We headed to Bass Pro Shop to get the free Santa picture today. We walked around the mall and had some great family time. Cara's sense of style is cracking us up. That's a pettiskirt on top of leggings with cowboy boots. We got a few comments about that today :).

So that's our month in a nutshell.

We are currently in the throes of potty trianing Micah, yes for the 6th time in about 14 months.  But today: No Accidents!!  Of course, he didn't go #2 today, but it's one day :).

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