Monday, July 02, 2012

Leaving on a jet plane......

The time has come.  I've been preparing for this coming week for months.  God has been preparing my heart, preparing our team, helping me to empty myself.  Fill me with more of you, God.  We just got back from a peaceful, electronics free (for the most part) trip with friends to the Llano river.  It was great spending time with some of the most important people in my life, enjoying Eric and my kids, swimming in the river, playing games, resting and just unplugging.  Now I'm packed and ready to enjoy the next two days hugging my hubby and kids and spending more time with them.  Glad I'm prepared in the physical sense.  Still praying that God continues to ease my heart into this experience.  I'm in this weird place where I'm torn.  Totally excited to get there, to meet the people who work with this orphanage that I've been praying for and reading about for a year and a half, and to teach the kids about the FULL armor of God.  But totally not looking forward to being away from E, C, M and A, the people who hold my heart so close.

I'll try to update here or facebook if I have time.  If not, please just continue to pray for me.  That God would make clear my path.  My prayers have been to help me disciple these kids, so that they can turn around and disciple their friends as they grow in their relationship with the Lord.  To give me His words to speak, but more importantly, to just sit back and listen.  To love them as God loved us.

Please also pray for Eric and the kids.  I have a couple friends who are going to help with a few dinners.  He's all planned out with dinners and things the kids already had planned.  He's super dad and I love him dearly for letting me have this time.  Will post soon :)  And if you want to follow along, you can read Tonya's blog here:

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