Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Four Year Shots

Just for my memory:

Back in June of 2010, Cara got her 4 year shots.  She cried, she limped for a week, she had massive red circles and was so tender for over a week.  This is what I expected from Micah.

Micah did amazing with the finger prick, didn't even flinch.  It probably helps that he gets allergy shots each week for his fire ant allergy.  Then, came the TB test and shots.  The TB test being first was awful, he twisted and kicked, tried to get away, then he had to get 2 shots, one in each leg.  To say he got a little hysterical is an understatement.  But, then it was over.  I took him to Chick-fil-a for ice cream (his choice), then we picked the girls up from a friend and it was done.  He seemed a little sore the next day, but no bumps, no swelling, no limping.

 This was a week ago.  And today he shows up with 101.2 temp.  I've been praying we don't get the flu this year, as it seems most people I know here in Katy have it.  Each Sunday before church I think, "please, not this week."  So, I'm wondering if it's a late reaction?  If not, pray it's a quick virus.  My mom is getting the kids this Thursday, and I hate for her to have to deal with a sick kid.  Though I love it.  He's so calm, cuddly, loveable.  I just don't want to get it! :)

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