Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rewind! May 2012 in Pictures

Want to get some pictures on the blog of the kids.  Trying to remember what we did, and when!  We had a BLAST in May 2012, as you will soon see!  
The kids finished their swim lessons at the YMCA.  We have been taking with Ms. Denise for 2 years and she is great with the littles and is such a good teacher.  Cara was a FISH by the end of the 2 months.

 Look how much taller she is.  It was a class of 4-5 year olds.  
 We took the kids on a field trip down to Froberg Farm, down in Alvin.  They had a great time picking their own strawberries.  Then we ate some and froze some for smoothies!

 All of our group (4 families) except me!
This was Micah's "Mother's Day Tea" at the end of his preschool last May.  He's such cute boy.  Very opinionated, but very loving and affectionate.  I love my Micah Man!
 Singing us their song.
 In May Chick-Fil-A had a mother/son date night.  The restaurant was decorated like a castle and Micah was deemed "Knight French Fry."  It was fun, he had a good time getting some one-on-one time with mommy.
 Anna thought it was great! 
 Cara didn't.  She pouted and wanted her own date night, haha!  Which she got a few months later!
 Us before chick-fil-a.

 Moving on to Mother's day.  I realize poor Eric isn't in most of these photos, I promise, he's coming!! :)  
 Mother's day before church.
 Micah's last day of preschool.  Saying bye to Ms. Jessica....
 and Ms. Yolanda!  
 Cara getting ready for her spring dance recital. 

 She and her friend Lizzy were both in it, just different classes. 
Yaya came to see! 
Uncle Greg, Cara, Nana and Aunt Amanda.
 We are so proud of our sweet girl.
 In May, my mom retired after almost 30 years of teaching.  Bailey and I found this board at an antique show.  I had been looking for something just like it to paint with these words I found on pinterest ;).
 She had a party at our church in Santa Fe.  Lots of friends and family from the past 30 years came!
 Pawpaw came and the kids had fun playing with him :)  (this is my mom's dad)

 Aunt Amanda (Eric's sister) went to prom and the kids thought she was a princess as we 'helped' her get ready!
 This was one sweet day in the car, I looked back and the littles were holding hands.  That rarely happens :)
Micah had his first dentist visit this month. 
 And we had our check-ups.  Cara likes to make silly faces ;)
 It was a beautiful spring and the kids had so much fun playing outside.  
 My sweet baby girl.
 Cara decided to cut a piece of her hair on her left side.  We had to get a new haircut after her recital (I had to leave it long enough to do a bun!) 
 Aunt Amanda graduated from Travis High School at the end of May.  This is how we kept the kids entertained during the long wait.  Movie for the bigs....
 Snacks for the little! :)
 She loves to rest with Nana.
 Amanda walking across the stage.  I first met Amanda when she was 4.  I was at her kindergarten graduation 12 years ago!!

 Micah, Greg, Anna, Eric, Cara, Amanda, Clara and our cousin Julie.
 Nana and her kids.

Hope you enjoyed all these pictures!  I love looking back on what we did each year.  We have a special family!

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