Tuesday, January 15, 2013

July 2012

The first 2 days of July we spent still in Mason, TX.  Then, I had 2 days to finish packing for Uganda.  I did lots of hugging and loving on Eric and the kids.  I was really going to miss them.  
 I traveled there alone, my team left 6/27 and I didn't want to be away from the kids and Eric that long.  So, I rode an over night plane to London, and slept about 30 minutes.  I had big plans to travel to the palace and see some sights.  The first few hours I did just that....
 It was so easy to take the 'tube' and get around there.  
 It was a gorgeous day in London.  
 I walked around the parks, saw some monuments and memorials.  

 I got to Buckingham Palace.  The whole city was getting ready for the Olympics and so some things were blocked off.
 The Hat! :)
Had to do one self portrait with the palace.
 St. James Park.
 About this time, I got tired, and realized I hadn't eaten lunch OR slept in about 36 hours, so I found a yummy place to eat and then headed back to the airport.  I set my alarms and found a comfy corner and took a nap.  Got on the plane, and landed in Uganda on Friday morning at 7:45.  You've read the rest I'm sure.  

 I did get to meet Muzei (in the middle), the boy we've been sponsoring for 2 years.  This is his jjajja (grandma) and brother.  He was so sweet!
After I got home, we enjoyed a yummy lunch at Lupe Tortilla, I had lots of jetlag, we celebrated my birthday and our 11th anniversary.  (Donuts with chopsticks on my birthday)

After we got back from a weekend in Dallas, 
we took down the 4th rail on Anna's crib, and she transitioned like a big girl, at 23 months.  
 I also made her a nap mat for preschool.  She thought it was cute, but then didn't want her picture taken :).

 This is a picture of Gweny and Riley at my neighbors house.  She watched them one day for us, they had fun with Ike!

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