Wednesday, February 06, 2013

August 2012 in pictures

This was our August 2012 in pictures.  Kids trying on each other shoes, being silly, like normal.

 Silly poses.
 Cara had "Kindergarten Graduation Night" at church.  We taught her kindergarten class all year, so it was fun for Eric & I to participate as parents and teachers.  She's painting a stained glass cross here with her friends.  
 Her other teachers, Ms. Connie and....
 Mr. Jay!
 Eric handing out end of year certificates to some of our kiddos. 
 Cara and her friend Sara.
 We also celebrated Aunt Amanda's 18th birthday.  Can't believe I met this girl when she was 4.5!  
 We had some naked baby snuggling (and folding clothes apparently) :)
 Anna got an early birthday gift from Aunt Bailey!
 We started school a couple weeks early because we were going to take a week off for Tot 2 Tot.  Here's Cara's first day pose.
 And Micah's.  He's staying home this year too, and we're all having so much fun!
 Crazy pose!
 The end of our first week, we had Aynslee (our neighbor) with us all day.  We made a paper mache' earth.  
 And so you don't think I'm super mom, we were supposed to paint it the next week.  It still looks like this however, 4 months later ;)
 We had Anna's 2nd birthday party.  I had fun with the owl theme.  I'll do a post about that later, but I'll leave you with this:
 and Papa and his birthday present!
 Sweet siblings.  
 Cara started gymnastics!
 And Eric and I had a date night with our best friends during Houston restaurant week!
 Anna was cheesing, and I was about to sell this cute outfit she wore at 4 months, so I had to take a picture of her in it at 2.  
 Here she is at 4 months in it:
Here she is at 2, I can't believe it!!

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