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September 2012

September 2012 was a busy and fun month!  We had lots of starts, and stops :).  We began the month with Tot 2 Tot.  We had some pictures taken for some advertisements by Sassy Massey Photography.  This sale is a total blast.  I get to hang out with my friends for 4 days straight.  We get to see our great sellers and shoppers each season and bless local charities.  FUN!

After that weekend, Anna started preschool.  I made her and her friend Grace a matching outfit for the first day, and she was so excited to go.  She had Ms. Debbie and Ms. Dominique.  She had a great first day.

 Anna Banana and Gracie Girl
 While she was at preschool, we went to GIFT.  It's a local homeschool co-op that started this year.  The kids had a lot of fun, but it was running momma ragged.  After just 3 weeks, we called it quits.  I had felt God leading me for some time that we just needed to be home this year.  The busi-ness just added to my need for quiet.  So, it was fun and we made a few friends, but we only stuck it out 3 weeks.
 There was a weekend where all the museums in downtown Houston had free admittance!  Eric wasn't too busy yet with work, so we couldn't pass it up!  We drove down and visited quite a few.  

 The kids loved the dinosaur exhibits!

We also started our first team sport this fall, 3 year old soccer at the YMCA!  Micah had so much fun on his team.  His two friend Jonah and Reagan were on the team, and Mr. Clint was the coach.   
 First practice.

Good Kick!

Cara and I went to the Chick-fil-A Mommy/Daughter date-night.  It was so much fun!!  My oldest craves alone time with us, so we try to oblige! 
 Silly picture!
 I love this girl!
 Our table with desserts!
 Outside, a local girls shop had a pink limo come out and we took pictures in front of it.
 Here is Micah ready for his first soccer game!
 I'm glad I took a lot of pictures of them warming up before the game... I had read to do that so that I could sit and relax and watch the game once it started. 
Too bad I had no need.  At the start of the game, Micah kicked the first ball (at mid-field), it didn't go in the goal, and proceeded to cry the rest of the game and wouldn't play.  :(  Poor buddy!
 Here is Eric taking down the baby crib.  It is still safe and covered in the garage for when we finally get to bring our little boy home, but Anna was ready for her big girl bed.  This was also the day we went crazy and put all 3 kids in the same bedroom.  The girls have the bunk beds and Micah has a twin on the other side of the room.  We know we can't do this forever, but at 2, 4 and 6, they and we are loving it.  Sometimes they conk right out, other times the little two stay up talking, sometimes they get out of bed and read books together, but for the most part, they go to bed.  And we love having our 3rd bedroom for the playroom/homeschool room!
 bye bye crib!!
 Bubby and Baby being silly!
 At the end of the month, we got to go to a Show Hope dinner in Houston.  Friends of friends are hosts, and they got us an invite.  Tonya asked the Anthis' to invite us because we had been waiting so long (6 months later, still waiting...).  It was so great.  We got to see Steven Curtis Chapman, he gave a piece of his testimony, sang a few songs, even interviewed an 18 year old girl from China that was adopted through a Show Hope grant.  The food was amazing and it was just an overall uplifting night. 

I'm trying to get back into blogging, we'll see how that goes ;)
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