Thursday, April 04, 2013

Cara's Creations

Anna got a pack of Do-A-Dot markers for Christmas and they've been a huge hit. All three of my kids love them but Cara has really taken to them. At first they used to just put dots everywhere, but then Cara saw the side of the box and saw you could make the dots into things, she took it to a new level.

In the mornings, she'll sneak into the school room and start creating. She has a 15 minute break most mornings for snack and she almost always goes to create. She's been giving them away right and left to friends and family that stop by. She makes books out of them and gives them to neighbors. It is quite cute.

They usually have a theme. One day she'll make a bunch of flowers. The next day it'll be horses. Right now she's doing shapes.

Today she said she needed Eric to build her a table and stand so he could sell her wares. She said she needed people who were buying a house or moving and needed pictures to decorate their house (as we are running out of wall to decorate here!). So for your perusal here are some of the latest batch of Cara's Creations.

Also this is the first post from my phone. I can't figure out how to move the pictures.

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