Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Store Envy

I'm in the process of helping my friend Tonya set up an easy to manage website for all her beautiful hand-crafted items she brings back from Uganda.  She sells these at trade fairs, and consigns some at boutiques, to help raise funds for her Kirabo Seeds non-profit.  She's heading there again soon and will coming back with a new crop of beautiful items.

I thought it would be best if I set up a store first, to make sure it was easy to use, edit, and FREE as they have claimed!  I consolidated what we have left in the way of beads and t-shirts, and created our very own Newsomes4Adoption Store Envy storefront.  I have sent Tonya a little more money and she has graciously agreed to buy some more for me to sell to raise funds for our adoption.  I am so excited to see what she comes home with and get it on our site.  She has also offered us her 2 bedroom apartment that she keeps for when she travels there, for an amazingly low rate. This will save us almost $2,000 in travel expenses when we do travel!  I calculated airfare for 5 there and 6 coming back and the last expenses we should have (Eric and the kids immunizations, the last two agency fees, the lawyer fee both there and here, visa and passport for our child, our visas, shipping and certification of our dossier, transportation while there, etc).  From what we have in savings and what we still have left in our Lifesong account for those that donated a tax deductible donation, we have about $4,200 left to raise.  Can you believe it?  We started with a few hundred dollars, and through prayer, petition and the Holy Spirit moving, God has turned that into over $26,000!!  We are so thankful!  So, take a look at our store and then check it out again in late May and we will have updated beads!

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