Monday, August 19, 2013

First Day of School!

In all my brilliance of keeping a blog about my kids and our memories because I know how fast mine are fading, I just haven't kept it up. So I might go back and try to reblog some things, but I'm also going to just try to blog as I have time.  I felt my words controlled for awhile as not to cause drama, but I believe that was my own restriction (and very little can be done about how other people take my writing on their end).  I also recognize that I didn't even blog what curriculum we have been using the past 2 years, so as someone who loves to read what other people are doing, I guess I should post!!  So, you have our first day of school today!

If you are a friend on Facebook, and haven't blocked me yet ;-), these pictures might look familiar.  I had an extra student today, and kids that were cooperating and getting work done fast, so I didn't stop and pull out my camera during school.  I'm trying to be better at putting my cell phone away as well, so as not to be pulled away from my kid for other people's emergencies.  I don't want my kids memories of me to always be pulling out my phone when I have a moment of quiet time.  

This is what we refer to as "crazy eyes Cara" :)
 Shortly followed by silly Cara
 and even sillier....

This is one of Cara's best friends and our neighbor of 6 years, Aynslee.  We are watching her while her mom is at inservice this week and she has nicely fit into our school.

Cara's studies this year are focused on the first half of world history.  Our curriculum choices are:

Math -- Singapore Math 2A/B standards edition,
Reading/Writing/Spelling/Grammar/History/Geography/Bible/Worldview -- Sonlight Core B along with 3rd grade language arts
(Note: we only chose 3rd grade because their test online was fairly simplistic and she tested out of all elementary grades.  We just want to keep the readers on her maturity level, but she will be reading far more as she has a love for horses and the Magic Tree House books).
Additional Spelling --All About Spelling 2 (finishing)
Additional Bible -- we are so excited to be starting Community Bible Study in 2 weeks.  She will be studying Genesis along side me, with her own homework.  
Handwriting -- A Reason for Handwriting T (transitioning to cursive)
Science -- Apologia Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day
Latin -- Song School Lesson 1 and 2 (didn't really start until November last year, so we are finishing up book 1 and starting on book 2)

We had a fantastic first day and we are loving the curriculum so far.  This is our first year to use a 'big box' curriculum with most of it being planned out and already incorporated (readers/poems/map etc items are all linked to what we are learning in history) and I'm enjoying that aspect. I took a day last week and planned out our other subjects for the year and so far, so smooth.  I did forget to order our math workbooks (have the text and test books) until Friday, so we are doing lots of reviewing of last year and flash card work to get ready for 2nd grade!

We have a much different schedule this year.  We will be schooling at home Monday, Wednesday and a half day Thursday and Friday.  Tuesday we will participate in a local coop where Cara will work on Texas History, Science of Simple Machines, PE and Geography memorization.  Micah and Anna will do some Five in a Row as well.  Thursday we will spend 2 hours of our morning at Community Bible Study and will come home to work on our core subjects.  We've reserved a half day each Friday for enrichment activities.  Cara has requested to learn to sew and knit.  We will see how that goes, but I'm excited to teach her.  We are also going to do some cooking lessons, lots of art and music study and TONS of read aloud books.  I can't wait to dive in!

 This little man is half in one year, half in the other.

 Silly Micah, with his cardboard shield and sword Cara made him.
He is so excited to go to CEC (preschool at our church) MWF from 9-12.  I'm excited for him to have the same teachers Cara did at 4, they are amazing.  

In an effort to not hold him back (as he basically taught himself to read), we will be doing VERY part time kindergarten this year.  We will finish up our Rod and Staff preschool books, probably by the end of September if he keeps setting the pace of 12 pages a day, and move onto basic kindergarten.

I keep reminding myself that he is 8 months ahead of Cara, age wise, when he starts this year.  When she was in her last year of preschool, she had just turned 4 in June.  He will be 5 in October!!  I don't want him to get bored, so we will move along at his pace.  Here is what we will be using for him, praying that he learns well with it as Cara did.  If he doesn't, that's part of the beauty of homeschooling!  We can try something different next year, or in 2 months if I quickly realize what he works best with!

Math--Singapore Math K, standards edition
Reading/Writing/Handwriting -- Primary Arts of Language
Spelling -- All About Spelling 1
Bible -- Sonlight/Grapevine studies
Science -- he will basically listen to the Apologia flying creatures book and participate in the experiments Cara does.

Then there is this hot mess :).  She is so much fun to be around, unless she's in this mood.  She did NOT want her picture taken today, so she rolled around on the floor, until she realized I was taking her picture anyways.....
 then she crawled off as fast as she could.  Silly little sister.
She will be attending 3 year old (!!!!!) preschool 9-12 MWF at our church as well with Ms. Pat. She is oh so excited, and I'm excited for 9 hours of quiet with Cara each week :).

Hope you enjoyed this....we will be back eventually with updates and reviews, I'm sure!

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