Sunday, August 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Anna Banana!!

Today our little princess turned 3 years old.  I still can't believe it!  I mean, I can.  The sass and independence and all the little quirks that 3 brings are there.  I'm just having a hard time wrapping my mind around my youngest being three.  She's the tiniest of mine, and still fits so easily on my hip that it's sometimes hard to remember.  

It's easy to remember that they are only little for a short time.  I see it as her 4 year old brother is almost 5, and this sweet mini-mama I have is already 7.  I see it when she says, 'mommy, will you please play ponies with me,' that the dishes can wait, or whatever I'm looking at on the computer can pause until she's in bed.  I see it when she asks me to lay down with her 'just for a minute' and she rubs my ear, or strokes my hair.  I see it when she seems so much bigger than her big sister did at 3, because she's looking up to two older siblings and just trying to copy everything they do.  Eric and I are so blessed to spend time with this little nugget God gave us.  She is a crazy-fun-filled-adoring-individual-unique-loving-caring-sure-of-herself baby girl who says, "My names not Anna, it's Anna banana!!" :)  Makes total sense.

I love this girl, so here we are on a walk down memory lane!

2010: newborn Anna

2011: One Year Old Anna

2012: Two Year Old Anna

2013: Three Year Old Anna

Dancing in the splash pad at her 3rd birthday party
 Donuts for breakfast today before church!
 At her party last night, after eating pizza, she got the cupcakes she wanted.  Her request was 'pink cake and purple icing!!'
 Her sweet cradle/rocker that Papa made her.
 Nana took her to the mall yesterday to ride the carousel and....
 get a Twilight Sparkle (my little pony) Build-A-Bear. 
She is a spoiled, blessed little girl, deeply loved by all!

Dear Anna Banana,
I hope you never out grow that nickname, because we all love to call you that.  We pray as you grow that your love for our Lord Jesus Christ will grow as well.  Daddy and I pray for you each day, that you will grow up seeking God's will for your life, taking no as an answer from no one when they tell you that you can't do something.  You are intelligent, independent and are a fighter, and we know God will grow those qualities into something dangerous for His kingdom.  Praise Jesus we get to be your parents, we are more blessed than you will ever know.

Love, Mom & Dad

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