Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The little things to remember

I hope to do this more often!  Anna, who I still can't believe will be 3 on Sunday, was picking out a book and getting into bed for nap.

Eating smores in Mason, TX on the Llano River with her best friend Mia.

It was the rare day she didn't throw a fit to take a nap.  Probably because she just laid there yesterday and didn't nap :).  She climbed into bed with a book and I got in bed to read it to her.  I was reading and I just looked at her and said, "I can't believe you're almost three!"  She put her sweet little hand on my face and rubbed it and said, "I know mommy."

I told her she was one of my sweet girls and she just smiled and gave me a hug and a kiss.

I adore this precious soul God has entrusted me with.  And I know it's a sacrifice financially for me to stay home, but I wouldn't change moments like this for any dollar amount in the world.  I praise God for the continual provision He has provided our family so that we could have moments like these.

Remembering 3 years ago this week..... (http://ericandmistynewsome.blogspot.com/2010/08/39-weeks-and-counting.html) and how fast the time goes.

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