Saturday, July 16, 2005

Happy Birthday Nathan!

Our good friend Nathan Wood's surprise 30th birthday party was today at Justin and Ashley Wood's house in Dallas. I will put more photo's on my snapfish account soon. Eric and I headed up to Dallas Thursday night to visit with everyone and help with the party. Friday we went to lunch and watched "Wedding Crashers" with Justin and Ashley. (Very funny movie, but too raunchy for little kids!). Shannon and Nathan came over for dinner Friday night and I got to hold Garrett a bunch :).

Then, Saturday morning, the boys got up and took Nate to play golf with his new clubs that he got for his birthday. Nathan came home to a pool party at Justin and Ashley's house. Shannon, Garrett, Ashley and I ran around all morning getting everything ready and picking up things. The cake in this picture is perfect because it was the biggest headache of the day! Justin grilled burgers and everyone swam. It was a great time and we're happy we could make it up to Dallas for the party. Garrett is SO sweet and cute and was such a good boy. We can't wait to see him again soon! We had a great time visiting everyone.

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