Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Tuesday News

Yesterday was a little busy at work, but nothing too bad. I had an allergist appointment at 4, so I got to leave a little early, WOO HOO! :) I mostly had questions about how allergy shots would affect pregnancy, if I would have to quit them, etc. Plus, I found out that I'll have to switch meds. I'm on Advair (for asthma) and Nasonex (nose spray) right now, and both of them are class C drugs for pregnancy (semi-bad). So I have to send off for a new prescription of new drugs for both to start using when I do get pregnant.

Once I left the doctor's office, I drove down to Santa Fe to my friend Kelly's house. She hosted a Southern Living at Home party for me (I'm a consultant). It was a lot of fun, we had a "Flip Flops and Frozen Treats" party. Yummm.... Since I was in Santa Fe, I stopped by and saw Darrell at home. (Mom and Bailey are in Georgetown visiting my grandparents--sometimes I wish I was a teacher and had summers off). He got Eric and I stocked up on these great paper towels and windex, and other cleaners. :) Thanks Darrell!

I got home late and Greg (Eric's little brother) was over. They have been working on yet another poker table. Last summer Eric and he built one for Eric. Now they are building one for Greg. They finished it last night, but I was too tired to go see it. Plus the house was a mess, so I just went upstairs and watched TV. I didn't get to bed until midnight, so I'm exhausted today. I have a TON of meetings at work today, which is never fun to look forward too.

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