Monday, August 25, 2008

First day of School!!!!!!!!

Haha, just typing the title made me laugh. Cara likes to watch Finding Nemo, and I always fast forward to chapter 3 or whatever when Nemo is waking up his Dad for his first day of school....the mom dying doesn't bother Cara, but it does me, so on we go... :)

Today is Eric's first day of school as a junior high head band director, in Katy ISD, opening a new school, and having only a part-time assistant!! I can't believe it. We've been up there every day for about 2 weeks helping him get everything ready. I think he'll do awesome. He has been SOOOO organized up there (which if you know him, that's not his strong suit, although that has been changing lately), and I bet he'll have fun. We were already having withdraws from him, so after going to the grocery store this morning, we took him some stuff to stock his fridge in his office during his lunch time. He was surprised to see us, and Cara just walked in like she owned the place. She has spent quite a few minutes there as of late. Right now she's napping and I'm about to go fold some more laundry. Happy first day of school to Amanda (eric's sister starting 9th grade---High School!!), Bailey, Mom, and all the other teachers/students out there.

Also, Happy 51st Darrell!! Today is my step-dad's birthday! :)

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