Friday, August 08, 2008

Please update!! :)

So I showed Eric our blog 2 nights ago and he laughed, but was like, could you update that? :) I think he doesn't want his picture to be the first thing you see. So I'm up (since 4:30) because my hips hurt and my nose is running, and I'm trying to figure out something to post. But you all know me, I don't need much to get me going so here goes......

The insurance is working out. I called Aetna about the prenatal doctors visits and they said everything should be covered, and that if I payed my copays (which I did), I shouldn't owe anymore when they close out the bill, that was a relief. I also finally got our Cobra papers (good thing you can sign up retroactively) and realized it's only $601.80, PLUS, that's for both of us, if we want to cover me, I can call and get a quote that should be cheaper for leaving Eric off. Now, I still need to call Katy's insurance (also Aetna) to find out if I HAVE to be covered in the month of August. Our plan (unless they say yes or you won't be covered) is to wait until something happens (I have until 9/29 to sign up retroactive back to 8/1) and then sign up. PLUS, we're looking into other maternity healthcare at this point, so it may be a mute point anyway!!

Cara is growing by leaps and bounds. I don't notice how tall she is until we're around other kids her age. A lot of my friends kids are 3 and 4, and she fits right in (and is taller than a lot of them), so when we hang around young 2s, she's a whole head taller than them! She has been a little cranky lately, I chalk it up to the sickness/being 2, but besides that, I just love this season! She is so smart, can tell us what she needs, LOVES to play with Mommy, Daddy, Riley & Gweny. LOVES to be outside (which can be a little annoying when 1. I'm pregnant and hot already and 2. the mosquitos LOVE us no matter what we do). It scares me a little about having a newborn again! :) I pray daily for this new baby and his sleep/eating patterns. And that they both get all the attention they need. Cara starts preschool on 9/2-going one day a week on Tuesdays at a local church. Mommy is looking forward to her learning all sorts of new things, and having a little time to myself to finish getting ready for Micah.

Speaking of Micah, he is a KICKER! It is so fun to watch my belly move, especially in the evening, when Cara's asleep and we're sitting on the couch relaxing, he's going to town. My tracker says I have 86 days left (give or take) and I can't believe how fast it's going now! It seemed to just drag on the first half of the pregnancy, but now, woo hoo!! I feel like I'm in better shape with this pregnancy (although I feel BIGGER). It's probably from lifting a 34 pound toddler numerous times throughout the day, I'm not doing a whole lot of 'exercising' like I had planned, but chasing her and lifting her is definitely helping.

Eric has been back at school all week, and MAN does he (and I!) love his new commute time of 8 or so minutes (versus an hour!). Monday and Tuesday they were without power (not because of the storm, but because the school is still working out the kinks!!!!!, did I mention it's supposed to open next Monday 8/11!). Even with the power out, it was 50 degrees in the band hall. You should see him dress, he's wearing sweaters and long pants to work, and still coming home freezing! Hopefully, for the safety of the kids, they get that fixed soon! Cara and I were up there Mon-Wed delivering his lunch, and just breaking up his day a little bit. He's getting a lot done, even with no computer still hooked up (oh they teased him, they installed it on Wednesday, but the actual tech people haven't come yet and made it sign-in-able for him, so it's useless at this point). He's liking the school, admin there and all the people he has met so far, so that's great. We are praying that he is a good Christian role model for the kids that will be in his band. Please pray with us! Some of these kids need some light in their life.

I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but we have cancelled our cable (and are actually switching our internet company on Monday) so that bill will go from about $111/month to $20/month!! We still had the cable for 2-3 weeks after we cancelled it because they had to come out to 'turn it off' (and turned off our internet for 2 days on accident), but it officially went away on Tuesday. We haven't missed it that much. Its really good to actually talk in the evenings, or get lost in a good book. Eric's been getting lots done, and Cara doesn't seem to miss it (although we do have a couple of elmo dvds). I feel like God has been pushing me to stop just vegging in front of the tv every night after Cara goes to bed for MONTHS. We were talking in my bible study earlier this summer about how sometimes you just wait to hear from God about something and He tells you, um, no why don't you fix what I told you to fix months ago, and then we can talk about what you're wanting to talk about now. I was cleaning out my bible of past notes taken, and I found something from October 2007 regarding, what do you think God is telling you to give up, and my answer was TV!!! So, finally 10 months later I'm being obedient (and I think it took me that long to talk Eric into it, he definitely wasn't feeling the push like I was). I'm sure he'd still love it, but now that we are working on our finances together (I always did them, now he's learning all that I do), he is liking the idea of a much smaller bill!

Well, I guess that's it for now. Time to cozy up to the book I'm trying to finish and hopefully get some more sleep :)

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