Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cara's first day of dance, Micah man update, and changes

This post is going to have some of our Micah man's 9 month shots. Don't you just LOVE that face!!! If you know me well, you know I'm a cheek you see why now? :)I have a lot of deals posts brewing, so check back soon! :) And don't forget to print coupons on my sidebar, that will be doubled on Saturday. However, DO remember to refill your ink cartridge before you print (unlike myself)!!
First to Micah, he's crawling EVERYWHERE. And for the past few days, he's started pulling up on everything. The crib while trying to fall asleep, the couch, the ottoman, our legs, very unstable get the idea :). He is such a happy, joyful baby.
Our family is so blessed to have him! We couldn't imagine a day going by without him in it. God is going to do amazing things with this little man, we just know it!

Onto our trouble maker... haha. Cara started dance yesterday. I asked around, and a lady from our church recommended Becky's Academy of Dance here in Katy. (things can't go wrong with a gorgeous pose like this, right??!?!?) She said Ms. Kathy who teaches the 3s it is an amazing teacher with lots of patience for little ones, AND she teaches them to act like a lady (which we need, despite her lady like coached poses here). So, we signed her up. I'm watching our neighbor's daughter, Aynslee, this year! Talk about change. I guess it'll get me ready for 3 kiddos, although 2 3 year girls and a 9 month old is a bit different than say 4 & 2 year olds with a newborn :). Today is our first day and it's going great. I jumped in with both feet and took all 3 to Target for SUPER cheap bananas and apples (post coming soon) right after breakfast. It went great. They both giggled the whole time, so sweet.
(oh my goodness, I think this picture really looks like me when I was little) :) Anyways, let's back up to yesterday. Aynslee's mom was able to take her as today was her first day back at school. We both coached the girls on the way there (separately), that they should listen and obey their teacher. They were SOOO excited that they were taking dance TOGETHER!! The class started off well, they both went right in (though I wanted to go too to watch....) and listened well the first, oh, 5 minutes. Cara sat on her little tape and just watched and watched Ms. Kathy (sorry, all the pictures and video are between the blinds).
The problem was she and Aynslee were sitting right next to each other, AND in the back corner. So, after a few minutes, she started getting you can see here in the picture AND video (sorry for all the background noise).

However they started paying attention, and eventually were engaged in the activities (however un-ballet-like) :).

Watch this video!

Then it was time to change for tap shoes. Cara was so sad, she thought class was over!! I changed her shoes and told her to go back in there and she was the first one back! Things started off going well. Then they got to stand up. They were supposed to be watching the teacher.....however, she decided she needed to grab Aynslee's hands, twirl around, and they BOTH fell down! After 40 minutes (which is longer than I would have lasted if I were the teacher)....she (and A) landed in time out.

She was very sad watching all the other little girls dancing. She did much better after that....for the most part. The last 7 minutes or so were without shoes....'free' dance. They had such a blast. They are already asking to go back! Too bad it's not more than once a week.

And that's what's been happening around here!

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Sterling said...

That was pretty hilarious! Good pictures through the window!

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