Thursday, August 13, 2009

Online Offers and coupons--yes, 3 posts in one day

What can I say, hubby is at an Air Force Jazz band concert tonight at a local high school :). So, here's what came in the mail, not Cara....a $1,500 check from doing another online offer. This one was a Nuitech, which you have to stay a member of for 2 months to it was a little more expensive. But I got a lot of great gifts out of it! Stocked up on some things for Christmas, already, and enjoyed lots of movies, cookbooks, and various other offers! Total out of pocket was $455.20, so a profit of $1,044.80. However, it would have been lower if I would have cancelled all the things when I was supposed to. We were out of town for Mawmaw's funeral and some things went to the 3rd month...oh well! Still over $1,000 profit for maybe 3 hours work! :)

If you are interested in how this works, check out monesavingmethods' blog! :)

If you are one of those people who think coupons are only for processed junk food, and you'd never use about some super cheap bananas and apples?? I printed out 4 each of the $.50/lb bananas and $1.00/lb apples for target. You can print the coupons from this post on moneysavingmom's blog. I got all of this, plus 2 bananas and 2 apples (previously eaten) for $3.40! :) The apples coupon is up through 8/22 and the bananas through 9/5. So, I'll be getting those at Target the next few weeks. And I've used them before. The only say one coupon per transaction, so I did 4 back to back transactions, with bananas and apples in each. The people at the Target (west pky/grand pky) are used to this and were very courteous! Just be sure to get over a pound for each order.

What do I do with all those bananas since I can't possibly eat all of them before they go bad??? Well besides the obvious (banana nut bread!), I will post another day on my ideas/techniques. I love buying fruit when it is in season and preserving it for later days!!


esha said...

I am curious as to what particular offer did you complete for the 1500 check. there is another good offer put out there christmas(dot)com

Misty said...

The offer I did (started in April) was only available for a few weeks. I get all my offers from, I trust her

The Prudent Homemaker said...

I am curious about your Target. We just had one that opened with groceries. The only apples were prebagged apples ($lb bags). The coupon says BULK apples, so I am thinking it must mean the prebagged apples (and, like I mentioned, they were the only ones they carried).

It still worked out to $1 a pound with the coupon. You would just have to buy lbs. It's still a good price for apples.

I decided to skip it, though, since peaches are on sale for .49 a pound and pears for .59 a pound this week, and I bought several hundered pounds :)

Misty said...

My target has apples like at the grocery store, you can take as many or as few as you like. I weigh mine and try to get them right at a pound. I REALLY try to get the $.99/lb apples (there's usually one kind per week on sale), and so they are truly almost free. Sometimes I splurge and get the gala or cameo (my fave) which are sometimes $1.49/lb and then get a pound for $.49!

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