Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Before I forget.....

....or lose the paper that I wrote the stats down on, Micah was in the 70-75% for all 3 stats. 
Weight: 26 pounds
Height: 31.75 inches
Head Circumference: 18.75 (inches?) 

I finally downloaded some new pictures off the camera.  Here are a few Micah shots.  I have some new Cara ones coming soon.  Oh, and I have a baby #3 ultrasound from a month ago I really should scan....

Dude loves to climb into small spaces.  Here he is in our newly painted (they were dry!) cabinets in our master bath....
and here he is in sister's room on the toy shelf (built by Eric a few years ago) :)

And here he is doing something else he loves, pushing sisters stroller around.  What you can't see is that he is holding a pom-pom as well.  Go Team Go!

Here is where Mommy plants herself most nights when Daddy gets home, and the kids love to cuddle!

Doesn't he look like such the big man now?  My little boy is growing so fast!!

And there you go!

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