Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bronchitis and Hospitalization

We've had a crazy couple of days in this house!  Sunday evening Cara started running a fever, with no other symptoms.   Hmmm....that's happened before.  I was going to take her in to the doctor on Monday, but decided to wait.  I thought maybe it was another UTI, so we put her in panties at night and told her no more baths (either showers or standing up and not sitting in the bath water).  She seemed to be getting better.  So good that on Tuesday, with no fever for awhile and, after asking for it, I took the girls to dance class.  They had fun, then a friend texted me and invited me over for lunch and playtime, so we headed over.  We fed the kids and sat on the couch while they all played.  I started noticing my stomach was hurting a little, but I thought it was just something I ate or gas (you know, pregnancy!).  So, we got home around 1:40 and I put all the kids down for naps.  As soon as they were down I laid on the couch and realized it was not just gas.  I was still contemplating food poisoning, but Eric and I had the same breakfast, and Val and I had the same lunch, and they were ok.  I decided to see if sleeping would help (doesn't it always).  I took an hour or so nap and woke up to much worse pain.  I went to the restroom, if you know what I mean, and that didn't help, it hurt worse!  At this time Cara woke up and she wanted to cuddle on the couch and watch the 'lympics,' so we did.  She kept trying to cuddle and get to close to my stomach and at this point I was in PAIN.  I was pretty sure it wasn't pregnancy related because it was very high in my abdomen and very different than what I remember from the first two.  I had Cara go wake up Aynslee just as her mom was coming to get her.  I told Stephanie (hunched over because I couldn't stand up straight) how bad it hurt and to maybe find someone to watch Aynslee for Wednesday.  After she left I called Val to tell her how much pain I was in (and to make sure it wasn't what we ate for lunch).  She mentioned maybe it was gall bladder related.  At that point I basically threw the phone down and ran to the toilet!! 

I don't vomit.  Ever.  Last time I can remember was in high school.  This was B.A.D.  Cara was watching me and crying :(.  I had been in contact with Eric, and at this point I had her bring me my phone so I could text him to come home NOW.  I couldn't stop.  I couldn't breathe while I was doing it.  It was awful.  Micah had been fussing in his crib for 20 minutes now, but I was afraid I couldn't get him out.  After I washed up a bit, I got him out and sat in the floor of Cara's room and let the kids play.  I called my OB's nurse and she mentioned it also sounded like gall bladder as well and to go to the ER.  So, Eric got home, we dropped the kids at a friend's house and went to the ER.  By this time it was about 4:45. 

Got to the ER and it was quite a few hours of blood drawing, puking, moving rooms, multiple ultrasounds, and being told we might have exploratory surgery!!  At one point, after the first ultrasound was only on my right side, and I had told the ER doctor that when I was pregnant with Cara I had a tumor removed from my left ovary, the ER doctor said, "well, I thought you said it was a gall bladder, that's why we only looked at the right side."  Um, no, I said my OB's nurse, from talking to me on the phone, said that's what it may be.  But I'm not a doctor, so I came to the ER to find out what it ACTUALLY is!!  The surgeon came down and ordered another full abdomen ultrasound, as well as to check the baby (that was cool, he/she was kicking all around....heart rate 158).  He said that it didn't show anything wrong with my gall bladder, that it may be my appendix, and that my white blood cell count was high.  So that's when mention of MRI or CAT scan or even exploratory surgery (which would be the last resort on someone pregnant) came into play.  And this whole time I wasn't allowed to have anything to eat (no problem, I wasn't hungry) or drink (I was beyond dying of thirst in my mind) in case I had to have emergency surgery. 

So we had the 2nd ultrasound, and then nothing for what seemed like hours.  We never did talk to the surgeon again.  The nurses just told us we were being admitted for observation and would possibly have a CAT scan in the morning.  I finally got a private room around 2 am, and coaxed the nurse into giving me some ice chips.  They were glorious!!  I was continually on Zofran and Morpheine.  And the pain meds were awful.  I mean, my stomach pain was dulled and sometimes gone, but that was only when I wasn't puking.  And it happened every time they gave it to me.  Unless I had the anti-nausea meds in me for an hour or more.  I got a little rest on and off.  The OB came in early and said she thought it might just be a virus.  One scary virus I thought.  At that point the meds were beyond wearing off and they switched me from Zofran (for nausea) to Phenegren.  I don't remember much of the next 5 hours after that.  I was OUT.  At some point the surgeon came in and said that we wouldn't be doing a CAT scan and he agreed with the OB.  Nothing out of the ordinary on the ultrasound.  The best news, I could drink, so drink I did!!  Everything I could get my hands on.  Was put on a clear liquid diet and was told I may be able to go home that evening.  I basically rested the rest of the day.  The OB said they were going to keep me overnight one more time.  I basically went to bed at 7 pm last night (was up for an hour around 8 pm to say goodnight to Eric and try to watch some Olympics, but alas I passed out) and slept till 7:30 this morning.  That was when the OB came in and said, "Do you feel better, great, you can go home."  What a crazy couple of days.  I took it upon myself to wean off all the meds yesterday afternoon, because I had no clue what the doctors were thinking and I didn't want to go home hopped up on drugs.  Now, I was being discharged and hadn't had real food in almost 48 hours.  They changed my orders (thank God for no chicken broth for breakfast) and I got to eat a little.  And it only took 4 hours from the time she told me I could go home until the time my nurse could finish the paper work.  We've taken it easy today and I've basically stayed on the couch.  Eric is amazing.  In all aspects!  :) 

I keep thinking, was all that necessary?  I mean, I can puke and use the restroom at home.  And I hate to put the baby in danger with any medication.  I just keep going back to the pain, which was awful.  Then my friend reminded me, had a baby with no drugs, and you were fine.  That situation, there was an end in sight!  I knew it would end, eventually, and with a baby.  This situation just kept getting worse, with no relief!!  (well, very similar to labor, but still) :). 

Oh, I forgot to mention, the kids got worse yesterday, runny noses and coughing, so Eric took them to the doctor and they both have bronchitis.  Poor Eric, he gave Cara her medicine last night and she puked twice all over the kitchen floor.  Did I mention he's awesome??  Even more so because I didn't have to clean it up!!! 

Well, that was a long drawn out story that I was trying to shorten.  There you go.  Sometimes I think maybe all I needed was a little (or a lot) rest and alone time.  Eric was with me most of the night Tuesday and some Wednesday morning, but he was dealing with the kids as well.  And there was no wifi in the hospital, so I wasn't constantly getting online (or at all).  But man, what a way to get it, I would have much rather been in a hotel or a spa!! :)

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Craig-Jen said...

Oh, Misty! I think going to the ER was the right thing to do. I had gall bladder issues while pregnant and "sludge" was the term used instead of visible stones - nothing showed up on the ultrasound but my pain and description fit the bill. If you have "sludge" it'll double you over in pain (it did me!). A diet low in saturated fats helped me A LOT. Sorry you were in so much pain! And I get the "end in sight" pain with labor. Craig tells me when I stub my toe and whimper like a baby that "you went through 23+ hours of natural can do anything!" I just grin and hold my poor toe.

Kerry Duty said...

yikes! That sounds pretty scary. I'm glad you're feeling better and are at home resting. Don't worry about the phenergan, it's very safe during pregnancy. I had to take it during both of mine because my GI diseases were a lot worse during the first trimester than normal and my OB assured it was a very safe drug for first trimester use. Hopefully the rest of the pregnancy is smooth sailing!!

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