Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Needle Crafts

I taught myself how to knit about 3 years ago. It was fun, and I still enjoy it. This time of year always gets me wanting to do things with my hands. Good football game on, or something where I have to sit for awhile, and my fingers like to keep busy. I realized how much I like it, and so I'm trying to work a few minutes (like 10-20) in my day, typically at the end of the day after dinner. We eat VERY early (like 5:15/5:30) and while we're either reading together, or cleaning up, I'll sit down and try to get a few stitches done.

So, a couple days after Christmas, I kept seeing all these super cute things on Pinterest, and I decided I needed to learn how to crochet. I've heard knitting is harder, so I just needed to sit down with youtube for a bit and learn. Eric ran an errand and the kids were playing, so I taught myself the basic few stitches in about 10 minutes.

Here's my first flower. A little lopsided, I am bad at counting stitches, so I added an extra petal :)

My second attempt. This was actually very fast and easy, but I still need to be better at counting.
That's my only problem with crocheting right now, it takes lots of counting, and my house is rarely quiet enough to do that well :).

Going back to my goals post yesterday, I'm trying to get things finished. So this hat I started and was supposed to be a newborn hat for Anna, ha! It was all the way done I just had to tie it off!!! So I finished it last week (though I still need to add the pompom at the end.

I made my 3rd flower with the same yarn and it's the best one yet!
I thought it was cute together!

So now I'm working on crocheting a baby beanie. This is what I'm picking up and working on in the evenings. It's pretty easy, but it takes counting, which I'm not so hot on remembering!! So it'll definitely be for my kids to 'love'!

Interested? Here are some of my favorite tutorials. And if you don't know a stitch, just google it, you'll find NUMEROUS videos and tutorial!

The "Magic Ring" tutorial

The baby headband with flower tutorial

Basic beanie tutorial

First flower I made tutorial

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