Monday, January 16, 2012

This week's goals

New week, new goals.  Eric had the day off so we took the kids to the zoo mid-day, every one slept in the car on the way home, we played outside for hours (well, he and the kids and I got to vacuum the whole house and fold clothes alone!) and now everyone is exhausted and in bed.  Love days like today, but it doesn't help with my blogging :)

So here are last weeks goals:

1.   Continue with my daily chronological bible reading 
2.  Work out at the YMCA 3 times (did 2 times last week)
3.  Finish reading What Women Fear (Bailey nook-lent it to me, finished today!) another post coming!
4.  Follow meal plan and cook 5 days this week -- mostly followed it, but went out one night when we hadn't planned--but have leftover meals to make this week!
5.  Figure out new coupon system (have re-started couponing as of 1/1/12!)  Not really done unless you call pulling the inserts and putting the dates on the front a system :)
6.  Finish reading Molly's Surprise to Cara -- 1 chapter left!
7.  Try to finish beanie I'm working on -- NOPE, only worked on it once last week!
8.  Write 2 more Christmas thank you cards
9.  Making bags to hand out to homeless people in our community tomorrow with our homeschool group: goal this week is to find 5 people to hand them out to. -- well made bags and have handed 2 out.  I think I like them in the car, it makes me search for people to bless and pray for.
10.  Date night with Eric!
Eric's mom watched the kids and we went and saw Sherlock Holmes 2! I actually enjoyed it, it was funny!

So 50% completion rate :).  Let's (or, haha, I'll) try for better this week.  I will have to say that although I didn't get these all completed, having them made me think more about my time.  I also had 3-5 to do's each day (based on Money Saving Mom's homemaking binder--I used her daily docket here.) so I feel like I got even more accomplished.  I finished my 2nd book of the year and started my 3rd, stayed ahead on my reading for my perspectives class, scheduled and launched the Tot 2 Tot Spring sale (with my partners) and we had a decent home school week and stayed on track.  

Goals for 1/15 - 1/21

1.  Have budget meeting with E and set our financial goals for 2012
2.  Continue my daily chronological bible reading
3.  Work out at the YMCA 3 times
4.  Stay caught up with my Perspectives reading
5.  Create coupon filing system
6.  Finish reading Molly's Surprise to Cara and start book 4
7.  Schedule spring swim lessons for M & C
8.  Complete 2 digi-scrap pages
9.  Write out birthdays for the year and plan gifts so I can shop sales
10.  Bless 2 friends by watching their kids this week (this may or may not already be planned) :)

This post links to Money Saving Mom's weekly goals.
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