Wednesday, October 16, 2013

June 2013

I have already posted a good part of our June!  You can read about Cara's injury and birthday here.  And Father's Day and Eric's birthday.  

So here are just a few random pictures from June in the Newsome House.  

Anna banana loves to be a big girl like Cara.  So here she is 'doing her hair.'

 Yaya & Papa went to visit family in MS and brought back Roll Tide outfits for all the kids.  My kids LOVE to match, so these got a lot of wear this summer.  

We were still very much into swim team at the beginning of the month.  Micah was an 'assisted swimmer' and he always asked this sweet girl named Faith to be his assistant.  She was so kind!

Swim team was a great experience for us.  Cara really enjoyed it and got better.  She was 6 still on May 1st, so she competed in the 6 and under group, which only does back stroke and free style.  She got invited to the Meet of Champs for both events and the free style relay.  She medaled in all 3!!  (Which means she got 1-8th place), with her highest medal being 2nd place.  We were so proud of our kiddos!

 Not sure if these videos came through.

Friday's after swim practice they got to go off the diving board.  Here is Cara!

 The first weekend of June, Bethel hosted a weekend family getaway at a friend's (few) lake houses.  We had such an amazing time on the water, visiting with friends and getting to know our church family better!
Here is Anna on the deck above the lake. 
 Beautiful sunrise.
 On the boat ready to ride.
 My two red heads. 
 The big kids testing out the tube.  Micah ended up being tossed off.  It was a bit traumatic, I don't think he rode again after that, but I got him on the wave runner.  

 We wore them out.  This was less than 10 minutes after we left! :)

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