Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Micah Man!!

Today is Micah James' 5th birthday.  We started the day with streamers and donuts.  

He spent 3 hours with friends at preschool while I visited aunt Bailey, then we headed home for a yummy lunch.  
Walking into school.
With Mrs. Christina.

We came home and played with our friends, the Williams, while their parents moved for a few hours.  We made some cupcakes to take to our Missional Community later that night.  We eat dinner together twice a month and celebrate together.  

He had told us a few weeks ago he wanted a transformers (BumbleBee) party.  But we never really talked about if he wanted anything.  I asked him yesterday what he wanted and he was very specific.  A blue and yellow race car (think hot wheels), a dinosaur land for his new plastic dinos, and a monster truck.  All reasonable and do-able.  

So after work, because I have been the opposite of on top of things, Eric went by to find his gift.  He found a pack of cars, which was the only one that had a blue and yellow car.  Then, he found a super cool dino pack from animal planet.  Here was Micah closing his eyes while daddy brought it in.

The Dino Pack

He loved it.  Later I thought it funny that the dino pack came WITH a paleo and archeologist, as well as an airplane :).   

We headed to Missional Community, which we LOVED.  Everyone made Micah feel so special, and our little middle child/boy needed that :).  His old sunday school teachers are in our group and they brought him: a monster truck!  The one thing he told me but we didn't get/forgot!!  Such a blessing.  This is us singing to him before cupcakes.  

These were taken at the local pumpkin patch at the Methodist church last Monday before his preschool open house.  I made the girls Baylor dresses so he insisted on a green and gold shirt! :)  It makes his eyes so green!

 Mrs. Barbara and Micah
 Mrs. Christina and Micah

Micah Man, 
What a huge blessing you are to Daddy and Mommy!  You have taught us to trust the Lord, big patience, letting go of some control, and how to love a red-headed, sensitive, "future knight in shining armour" as your shirt says.  You will be a phenomenal husband and father someday, as you take such good care of me and your sisters.  You love your daddy so much, and I just love how you still call him dada.  You still say upspide down and it might be the cutest thing I've ever heard.  We pray big blessings over you this next year.  We know, if you get to become a big brother again this year, how exciting, and trying, and different it will be.  And we know you will need extra loving, which I can't wait to partake in.  You have always been my super cuddly bug and I love your from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.  God has great and mighty plans for His kingdom that involve you, and we couldn't be more thrilled to lead you on this journey to know Him fully.

Blessed to be your mom,

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Under the Sky ... said...

Happy Birthday to Micah! :)

I just wanted to let you know that I sent you an email regarding the Crew. I didn't want you to miss it or have it land in your spam folder. If you did not receive it, please do shoot me an email and I will send it out again.


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