Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cara is SEVEN!

I know I'm not the only mom who reflects back every time a birthday rolls around.  I've done it year after year after year after year and year and year for our Cara girl.  I love each of my children seriously deeply, but there is something about that first born.  The one that made me a mom.  Thinking back to before we were married and no kids, sometimes it's hard to remember, but, all of our 'kid' memories include her!  She is currently tucked away in the playroom on a large pallet of blankets and sleeping bags with Aynslee, our neighbor and one of Cara's best friends, for her first 'sleepover.'  We had a full day, so I thought I'd let the pictures tell the story.

Birthday donuts for breakfast
 Her gift from us.
Eric & I each wrote her a short blessing, I'd love to do this every birthday for each of our children.
 Crazy girl, ready for VBS day 4!
 Changed (into her dress we got her for her a consignment sale) and ready to head to the American Girl store.  We had decided that she could get the doll for her birthday, she has been planning awhile! :)

 So excited!
Looking at all the beautiful dresses and costumes on the different dolls! 
 She LOVES anything to do with horses.
 This is the original one she had planned to get (she picked out of the catalogue), but then we talked and she thought she wanted to get one with long hair so she had more hair to braid/do.
 Ready to check out!
 "Pose silly Cara"
 Mom & baby
 Dad & baby
 Driving home, let's open it up!
 Introducing Julia Rachel Newsome.
 She had picked Olive Garden for dinner with Nana, Uncle Greg and Amanda.
 Nana gave her a matching dress for her and her doll to wear on Monday.  Her party is for 3 little girls and her to go to the bistro at the AG store and have lunch with their dolls.
 Birthday cake at home.  She basically designed this and helped me make it.  She is so fun in the kitchen, and thinks everything is so awesome or cool (even when I think it's a flop) :)
Tie-Dye rainbow cake. 

So there's our day in a nutshell.  

Cara Leigh,
Daddy & I are beyond blessed to be picked for parenting you.  Most days you make it an easy, joyful experience.  Your love for others, and your ability to let the Holy Spirit work through you and encourage others is a joy to watch.  Jesus has big things planned for your life and we are so excited to enjoy your journey unfold.  Thank you for leading your little brother and sister well, for loving others well, and for your gift of gifting.  You bless us with your sweetness!

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