Thursday, June 14, 2007

Back from the River and Happy Birthday Eric

Hi again! I will post pics as soon as I download them from my camera. We had a great time at the river, but let me back up a little bit. I taught 25 entering first graders with my good friend Sterling Greene June 4-8 at our church, Kingsland Baptist. We had over 1,200 kiddos come!! It was so much fun, and challenging. I STILL Have the songs stuck in my head.

Then Friday, as soon as it was over, Eric, Cara and I headed to the Frio river to catch up with my folks, Bailey, Matt, and the Luxtons (Tommy, Kristal and Hailee). We stayed until yesterday and had such a good time. We floated a couple times, and took Cara down to the shallow part of the river to play. We got back mid-day on June 13th, which was Eric's 28th birthday. We went out eat at Hasta La Pasta last night with his folks for his birtdhay. Like I said, it's been crazy. Today was a laid back day of hanging at the house. We went swimming after Cara's very good 2nd nap. Plus, after waking up every day of vacation at 6:30, she slept till 8:15 today, hallelujia! Anyways, her big 1st birthday is coming up next week, along with Bailey's 24th! We have lots to celebrate this month! I have found out 3 friends are pregnant within the past 3 weeks, it's baby boom season again! Anyways, hope that you are all well.

Oh yeah, the reason that I posted....lots of people have asked me what to get Cara for her birthday. Here are some ideas if you so wish to read:
1) 18 months clothes. She still fits in 12 months, but I have a feeling she won't by the end of the summer. (no swimsuits, she has TONS for this summer)
2) bath/swim toys. She LOVES the water, and if we're not in our 2 back yard pools, we're at play group in a pool or at our community pool.
3) Anything Leap Frog. I have a friend already getting her the fridge phonics alphabet, but besides that anything is good.
4) Signing Times dvds. We're borrowing volume 1 and 2 from a friend, and she LOVES them (did I mention she can now sign bird, train, fish, night night, milk, hi, all done, etc.) Please no baby einstein, we have TONS already
5) Astros gear
6) Anything learning related. She LOVES books, so any board books (besides brown bear - our entire family has that memorized) and hungry caterpillar, she has that.
Hope that helps!

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Jennifer said...

You might want to check your local PBS listings for Signing Times. Ours airs signing times (and they're more recently updated compared to the DVDs) or your local public library might also have the DVDs available to check out. If you have the ability, you might "tivo" them.

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