Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy Birthday our sweet Cara Girl!

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Today she turned one. We had our playgroup over to our neighborhood pool, and we provided juice boxes and I made cupcakes and the icing from scratch!! :) They were yummy. Thank you to all who attended, there were about 20 friends there. Then we came home and got ready for our big 'photo shoot.' We went to JC Penney for her 1 year portraits, and we took the dogs!! It was hilarious, but we got some good shots. Not too many with the actual dogs in them :) We'll post as soon as we get them. And I'll post some new ones of today shortly. We love you Cara Bell. We can't even imagine what our life would be like without you in it. We are so blessed that God sent you to us for this short time here on earth.

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