Saturday, June 23, 2007

The party

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Click on the picture to see some pics a friend has sent me, I can't get mine off my camera yet, we can't find the cord. She wouldn't really eat the cupcake until we broke it apart for her. She had a great time, even though it was raining and we couldn't get in the pools. She got lots of great outfits, books, puzzles, bath toys, etc!! We're leaving tomorrow for Dallas after church and staying till Wednesday. We can't wait to see everyone up there!

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Cristina said...

Mr Newsome! John Han and I (cristina) are thoroughly disappointed that we weren't invited to her birthday partay!
... yeah we're in summer school right now. and we're bored in the Northbrook HS library...
hope you, mrs. newsome, and baby newsome are enjoying your summer.
-cristina and john han-
(oh. and ikuko koga)

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