Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cara's Luau

We had a great little family party Saturday (on my sis Bailey's 25th birthday) at our home. It was a luau, with all kinds of outdoor toys. Cara had a great time, and got some fun gifts!! Nana and Grandad gave her a motorized Barbie car (which she hasn't quite figured out yet) a soft Elmo and a cute outfit, and Yaya & Papa gave her an easel (chalkboard, dry erase, etc), a Red Ryder pellet gun (yes from the Christmas story--which she won't be playing with anytime soon) engraved with her name on it and lots of Elmo books and videos. She got this Castle thing from her friend Caroline (it's a Discovery Toys toy which her mommy sells) and she just LOVES it. As the balls come down she says "they're coming Mommy (or Daddy, whoever is playing with her). I made a cake that was supposed to look like a beach. Note to self, never start decorating the cake at 9:30 the night before, when pregnant, tired, and sore!! I had some things in mind I saw online, but they didn't really work, so I crushed some vanilla wafers to look like sand and just kinda threw some beach toys on top. Anyways, I'll have pictures up soon. Thanks to all who could make it. Since it was at home, we didn't have much space (and were scared it would rain like last year and we'd have 40 people in our tiny house--especially since our house is half the size it was last year), so we only invited 4 friends. If you are reading this and weren't invited, please don't get your feelings hurt, it was a space issue!! :)

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