Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Cara!

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Today is our daughter's 2nd birthday. She woke up in a good mood, as always, and hasn't stopped since. She got her gifts, the abc foam letters for the bathtub, and the baby doll stroller she's been wanting (all her friends have one and it's the only toy she wants to play with at their house!). She has been pushing it around all morning. It had to sit right next to her chair to eat her breakfast. I got a few cute videos this morning (on flickr), but if I can get this one to work, it's of her telling us what a bunch of numbers and letters are. She is so smart! :)


Jonathan said...

You've got one smart cookie!!! And an adorable one too :) Sounds like she'll be some of those super smart kiddos that's reading at 3 or 4 - she's already ahead of some of my kindergarteners who still don't know all of their letters. Good job!!

Misty said...

Haha, I truly don't know how she knows the numbers. She can count to ten, but we don't write them out much. I believe it's all signing times!! She loves the ABCs/123s video. And she loves puzzles. However, we're not on to reading yet. If you spell anything for her, she thinks it spells Cara :)

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