Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's a boy!!!

In case you haven't heard (by text, call or facebook!), we're having a baby boy Micah!! :) We are very excited. I couldn't wait to find out, so we did at our ultrasound on Tuesday. The baby is growing beautifully, everything looks perfect. The weight is in the 58%. I think I have Juice Plus to thank, this pregnancy has been awesome. I feel awesome, I feel energized, and all my bloodwork and ultrasounds have been perfect. Anyways, here's the face, I have the booty shot, but we'll keep that private. We can't wait to meet you sweet precious boy. My step-dad's first reaction was I need to buy a gun, my grandpa's was he needs to buy golf clubs. Eric and I are hoping for an Astros player! :) haha.


Shannon said...

Congratulations!! Boys are tons of fun!

Shannon said...

Congratulations!! Boys are fun!

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