Friday, January 08, 2010

First Doctor's Appointment

Well, it was rather un-momentous.  I guess that's what happens when it's your third rodeo.  Don't get me wrong, I'm so extremely excited to welcome this precious baby that God has blessed our family with.  And I love getting to see him/her bouncing around on the ultrasound machine, but besides that, the waiting forever and urine samples and other samples (ahem~!) and due date guesstimates, and last menstrual period questions get old.  I knew exactly when I conceived and what my due date would be before I ever stepped foot in that office. They told me based on my LMP, I was 8 weeks and due 8/19.  I said, yeah, I thought that's what you would say, but could you do an ultrasound, because my cycles are longer than that, and I can tell you right now that I'm 7 weeks and due 8/26.  Sure enough, who was right? :) 

So, I'm due Thursday, 8/26/10, my mom's 52nd birthday!  (oops, was I supposed to say that?) :).  I have 2 little sonogram pictures (what is the difference between a sonogram and an ultrasound, are they interchangeable the way I think they are??)  :)  I guess you can learn something new each pregnancy!  I will post them soon, but that requires getting off my exhausted bottom and hooking the printer up and scanning them.  Right now, I'm taking my last 5 minutes with 2 rowdy girls awake to post this post update and then will be putting 3 exhausted girls down for nap.  Yep, and I'm one of them! :)

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mama4x said...

Hey there, I subscribe through Mama Buzz-
congratulations! I just wanted to tell you that when I have something that I want to post that I don't have digital, I take a picture of it with my camera and viola! There it is, ready to be downloaded without the scanner etc. But do something soon, those printouts they give you are like faxes and receipts, if they get hot, they disappear. (are you following me? thanks!)

Mindy said...

I have the answer to the ultrasound/sonogram question. Ultrasound is the method, ie the actual diagnostic tool. Sonogram is the image produced by the ultrasound. I just learned that recently ;)

So glad to hear you are sick and tired....I mean, that things are going just as they should ;)

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