Monday, January 04, 2010

Micah's First Haircut! (And Cara's 2nd) :)

We took the kids to Cool Cuts for Kids on 12/30 to have Micah's first hair cut and Cara's 2nd.  I will be cutting their hair most likely from now on, but I wanted to get the 'first hair cut' souvenir for Micah.  And Cara loves that place.  She went for her first cut in July, and has been asking to go back. I had a $3/off each hair cut, so, though it was still expensive, it was cheaper than it could have been!  Anyways, here are some pictures of my cutie pies:

He fell asleep on the 2 minute ride to the place, silly boy!

Cara was so excited to be going again!

Micah's before (I combed the front down so you could see how long it was)

Those were the only two 'long' parts, the back was curly, and the middle of the front was long :). 

Ready for her trim

Waiting while sister gets her movie started:

I just love all these pictures :)

The after:

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Beaver said...

M's expressions are priceless! Great pictures!

Christi Brown said...

So Ellie has been telling us that she does not like her curly hair. Finally last night she said that people laugh at her and she is not beautiful..sad :(. But I brought up Cara and asked what she thought about her hair. And Ellie said, "Oh Cara is so beautiful!" We are hoping this will help her. But I thought it was cute when she said that about Cara!

Tiffany said...

They are both such cute kids!!

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