Friday, July 15, 2011

Blessed Beyond Measure

We seriously couldn't have ever anticipated how many friends and family would decide to donate to this garage sale!  We've already made $575 just from selling a couple of the bigger items on craigslist!  We have an entire garage full with more families donating next week!  We've been blown away, that's for sure.  God has shown up providing the number of tshirts we needed for our first order, with massive amounts of GREAT items to sell in our garage sale, and even friends who are willing to sacrifice part of their Saturday to come help.

I've been asked how you can help, if you live here in Katy.  I have a few tangible ways:

1)  We need to borrow LOTS of tables.  We'd like them by Tuesday (7/19) if you could part with them for that long.  My mom has graciously decided to take the big kids Tuesday night through Friday and so I think we've decided to turn our living room into Garage Sale central.  We're going to set up as many tables as can fit in our living/dining room so we can start setting things out.  We can't even see how/what we have because it has gotten to be too much. This gives us three days with only one child to corral while we work.

2)  Like to bake?  We'll take any and all cupcakes we can get (to be delivered Saturday morning).  Cara, Micah and some friends will be having a Cupcake Kids bake sale at our garage sale with all proceeds going to that blessed ministry.

3)  Help spread the word.  If you have a bulletin board at work, or an EBB, please email me at newsomes4adoption [at] gmail dot com and I'll send you a PDF of our flier.  We'd love for you to post it at work, at play or wherever you have access.  The folks at Orange Leaf have posted one there, and we've had some friends post it at work.  We have so many GREAT items, we hope to have some GREAT buyers as well!

4)  HELP!  Our sale will be from 7 am - 1 pm on 7/23.  I've held many a garage sale in my day, and since I've advertised 7 am, that means I'll be up at 5 pulling stuff out and people will start showing up around 6/6:30 most likely.  We can use any and all help you'd like to offer.  We have my mom and a friend from church here to help watch the little kids indoors (so feel free to bring yours if you need to).

5)  Help us make posters.  Email me if you have time and I'll tell you what we need.

And last but not least, send people to our blog!  You can send them to this page, or our garage sale page here.  
Here are just a few of the great items we have, some I've had a few minutes to post on craigslist.  The craigslist post is listed after each picture.  

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