Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Sleeping Beauty & Prince Charming

Today Cara decided she wanted Micah and her to play Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming. She has a book and so she wanted to act out each page. She saw the page where he had a red coat on and immediately knew Micah needed to wear this superman cape, to be just like Prince Charming :)

This dress was my mom's when she was in high school I think. I  wore it in a 3rd grade play and all they had to do was shorten it.  My mom was tiny!  Cara LOVES wearing it now.  It's too long, but she doesn't care. "It's fancy with pink flowers."

I was listening from the kitchen. She kept asking him to dance with her. He'd say no. She's say, "Do you need to see the book AGAIN!!" She'd show him the book. He'd say ok. Then she said let's dance. He'd say no. You get the idea. Then I pulled out the camera and they both wanted to take part :). Ignore the piles of clothes in the background--we were going through clothes to get them ready for the garage sale. This was the dancing scene. She had to hold her dress (in the other hand) just so and he had to hug her :). By the time I snapped the shot, they had moved, but it was just too cute not to document.

Next she made him play the queen. Finally I told her I'd play with her after he went to take a nap. He wasn't enjoying it anymore. But I will say that as much as he loves dirt and cars and swords, he holds his own playing with Cara :)

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