Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Micah's Day -- Railroad style!

Today Cara went to Terrific Tuesdays at our church from 9:30-2:30 and we took Micah to every little boy's dream (ok, not every one, but you know boys and trains right?) : the railroad museum! When we drove up, we didn't think he'd last long (and he didn't in the sit and learn section--ok, he's 2!) but he had a GREAT time seeing all the 'big trains'!

Here is our day in pictures: we arrived and watched the cartoon safety video.

Daddy and Anna girl

Yaya teaching about the old phone. There was a sticker search game, and it was a great little way for him to learn while looking at all the old 'cool stuff' as he called it.

Micah on the caboose!

 In the engineer's chair!
Mommy and my 2 little ones!
Coming back in the caboose.
Sweet happy girl!

The 'fancy' train. Our guide said this is basically like a private jet for trains. It is from the 1850's and at one point it was Prince Albert's train in England.

Daddy and the kiddos
One of the suites.

The dining area.
Sweet boy!

Yaya and Micah reading a paper.

Sitting on an old firetruck from 1944.

Awesome room filled with model trains. We sat in here and watched for 10 minutes or so.

After the big 'real' trains, they had this whole 'education station.' There were lots of Thomas books, trains, toys, track, etc. (It was the first room you walked into before going into the room with the automatic model trains). We stayed in here for a full hour watching him play with trains. He was in hog heaven!

And after we picked Cara up and Micah told her where we went, she started crying because she wanted to go :). We had already promised Micah to take him back with Cara, he missed having her there!  It is so great to get him 'alone' though, he talks non stop, asks lots of questions and is a great listener when he knows he's setting the example for Anna. Not totally the case when Cara is around ;).  

We will be busy the next few days, so if you ordered a shirt, please bear with us, as we probably won't mail them out until next Tueday.  If you absolutely need it before then, please email me asap.  Also, I lost my phone, so if you've called or text since yesterday, I haven't received it.  Call Eric's phone if you need me!

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