Monday, July 04, 2011

June 20th

Cara had such a good time on her birthday. Yaya spent the night, we opened gifts that morning, went to Splashway that day, then Nana took us to dinner that night. She was so excited for her day. We always give Cara her gifts on her actual birthday, that way she can look at each one and we can tell her why we bought it for her. This year at her party we asked for no gifts, for people to donate to sponsoring Muzei, a little boy Cara's age in Uganda that we sponsor.  

We pray for him each day and I told Cara because we already have so much that wouldn't it be great to get him some things. She was excited (and I'll admit, a little worried that she wouldn't get anything--I assured her we had a few gifts for her) and we almost raised the whole year's sponsorship at her party. We hope to sponsor a child for each of our children at home. We want to instill in them a giving heart and what better way, we think, than to send a child our children's age to school each year. It makes such a difference in their life in Uganda when they can get an education and get off the streets during the day.  She ended up getting so many gifts, she felt so blessed and asked which ones she was going to send to Muzei, I love my baby's heart! 

Here is our girl in her new bathing suit from Yaya
Here's our girl opening her gifts. I saw this art set on a few months ago and knew Cara would love it. We are starting our homeschooling journey in the fall, and I knew she'd love having her own new set to do crafts at school. We were right, she adores it, and asks to play with it almost every day during nap.
Her apron I got her name put on, and a little purse for her.  We've used the apron twice since then, she loves helping me cook!
Since she loves Ariel, we got her an Ariel jewelry set. The little necklace Anna has on plays Ariel's tune she sings. Cara liked it, Anna thought it was HILARIOUS!

Cara's swimming so well now, and she's had her eye on these princess diving sticks for the pool. She asks for them almost every time she sees them and I have to tell her no. She was super excited to open them and take them to the pools this summer!

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Beaver said...

She's so big! I can't believe how quickly time flies.

And what's this about homeschooling? I had no idea you all were thinking about this! Will she be in Kindergarten?

Misty said...

Yes, Kindergarten starting this fall!

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