Friday, July 01, 2011

Need Photos??

First of all, we just wanted to thank you all for the support.  In the matter of a few weeks, YOU've raised over $2,000 towards our adoption expenses.  Lots of friends have donated, some from the blog world, some from strangers that we've never even met!  Thank you for sharing our story with others.  If you want to link them to this post here are a few fundraisers we have going on right now.

Give $5 and 'buy' a puzzle piece here.

Need some fair trade coffee?  For each bag you purchase, we get $5.  

Buy some super cool t-shirts we designed and help bring our baby home!  We need 10 more for our first order.

We are beyond blessed with the amount of items donated for our upcoming garage sale.

Buy some unique bead necklaces or bracelets straight from Uganda! 

You can see all of these across the top of the blog.

Forgive me for not posting this before now.  My friend, Jenny Wright, is starting out a photography career and she just offered any session booked between now and the end of July will be FREE for you, she just asks that you donate to our or our friend the Churchill's fund (or split a donation).  Every little bit helps, and this is a win-win for all 3 of us.  She gets to get better at photography, and we get the blessing of your donations!!  

I hope you are not growing weary of these posts.  I am trying to not post them all at once, but we have a bunch going on right now, and a long road ahead.  If you can't donate, I hope that these posts are a small reminder to pray for our journey.  

When we began this journey, we just said, Yes Lord!  We didn't know how it was going to go (still don't!) or how we could afford it (still don't!), especially without going into debt.  We do know that as soon as we committed to following God's lead, provisions have just started coming.  I've received some "I can't believe you're publicly fundraising" type conversations, and I can understand that.  Not many people want their public information out there for all to see.  And I DON'T share everything.  Some have said, "If God called you to this, He'll provide."  And I agree 100%.  We've prayed about each of these ideas and, with each one God has began providing.  But I also don't think that if I sit around, don't tell anyone our needs and say, "God will provide," without doing any work or acting on any prompting from Him, that we'll be walking the road He has laid before us.  I actually read a great devotion today that really spoke to me about this.  Check out this devo:  

I know many Christians that consider adoption but never act on it for the SOLE reason that it is too expensive.  And I agree, it is, or can be depending on where you're called.  But what faith it is to immediately obey when God calls you to something, and what a blessing it is to witness Him showing up in a big way only HE CAN!  That is a testimony not to our obedience, but to how big our God is. 

I read an article  by adoptive dad and founder of the Abba Fund, Jason Kovacs. In the article  
Jason says,

It is important to remember that God does not ask us if we can afford to do it (adoption). He simply asks us if we are willing, and asks us to trust that He will provide.  That may sound great to read, but when it becomes personal it is often much harder to believe and much scarier to do. 
I have more to say on why we are adopting, why we chose Uganda, and why we don't mind being different.  God is moving in our hearts and it's a privilege to share the little piece He is sharing with us!  More to come, for now, BED!
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Val said...

We are so excited to be a small part of what God is doing. And you are right: Following God in full obedience is scary when it becomes real in your life. Adoption is maybe the best adventure I've ever had the privilege of taking!

Thanks for being obedient and in that obedience allowing your friends to be obedient. We are all called to care for the orphan and helping bring your little one home is a great way for us to do just that!!

Erin Stutts said...

I just want to say that I am super-proud of you! I'm proud of you for your decision to adopt and I'm really proud of you for sharing it. I have been so inspired by the depths of your faith, and I feel like you are teaching me so much about faith and how truly letting go and trusting God really can work. So, thanks!

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