Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Dallas Visit

I originally had this post all in one, then it deleted all the pictures, so I split it up. We took a trip last Wednesday through Monday and it was a blast! Last hoorah before Eric goes back to school. We left and headed to College Station Wednesday to stay with my cousin Erin and her family. She and I went and took a quilt class together (hey, email me about paying you back!) and had a great time. Our kids did too, they were up past 11!! We spent a nice morning letting the kids play a bit, then headed up to Dallas. Too bad we didn't take any pictures!

While there we had something every day, but it was a blast! Thursday night Nathan, Shannon, Garrett and Jackson came over for dinner and swim time. The kids had a blast and stayed up way too late again.

All the Woods, Woods and Newsomes!
Friday we spent the day with Justin and Ashley, then headed to Jamie and Curtis' house to visit, have dinner, and meet Peter for the first time! The kids had a great time playing and romping. We had an even better time catching up. Oh how we wished all our Dallas friends lived closer!

Anna and Peter playing on the piano.
Micah playing in Peter's room

Anna was cracking me up!

Eric and Curtis :)

Saturday morning the Dazeys and the Dutys came over to Justin and Ashley's house to swim, eat hot dogs, and swim some more! It was so fun to get all our kids together. We were all in the Baylor marching band back in the day and it's always great to reminisce.
Here are all the boys in the deep end.
The mommies taking care of the babies in the shallow end.
Eric and our kids.
Our little fish, she would swim ALL DAY if we let her!
Anna banana.

We had a relaxing Saturday afternoon watching movies and letting the kids nap. Sunday Justin and Ashley cooked us an amazing breakfast, again, and we headed down to show the kids Baylor and to visit Gerry, Patti and Pawpaw. Pictures coming tomorrow! :)

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Colleen said...

Hey! Do Justin and Ashley still live in Duncanville? That pool looks familiar, and if they live in the house I think they do, I've totally swam in there before! :)

The Paradis Family said...

Just love Anna's face in that last picture!!!! :)

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