Wednesday, August 03, 2011


I just have to share this awesome opportunity!  And it's not just for my friends and family and blog readers in Katy!!

If you live in the areas listed at the bottom of this post, and want to be blessed beyond measure with one of the easiest at home jobs, with no risk, then keep on reading!!

Local Moms –
Have a Fun Career from Home and Become the Local Go To Mom! 

Juice in the City connects local businesses and local moms to create local discovery and fun for all moms in your area. With Juice in the City, you can:

·        Become the local “go to” mom by discovering great local gems
·        Earn hundreds to thousands per month while being paid to experience the best local businesses
·        Have a fulfilling career from home that you can do during just a few hours a day, and work without needing childcare (the kids can tag along)!

We rely on your local knowledge to find the best deals that moms in your area would love to buy. And, that's not all, you will become part of a community of moms in over 20 major markets throughout the US who share a common vision to save local and support their community and families.

Most moms already have the skills we're looking for:

·        You have knowledge of local businesses and a desire to help them grow
·        You enjoy challenges and have excellent communication skills
·        You have good insight on what deals other moms would enjoy

With flexible hours and the ability to take your kids to work with you, this is unlike any company you've worked for!

To get started on the application process, fill out a simple application, which takes no more than five-minutes. Go to
Be sure to give my name, Misty Newsome, for who referred you to Juice when you are asked!

I wouldn't be advertising this if I thought it was a joke, kinda like I did when I joined back in January.  But seriously, it has been one of the best things that has happened to our family!    It has helped us to raised thousands of dollars towards our adoption, and be able to share God's glory and providence each time.  I've met some amazing vendors in the process, and great friendships have been formed through the other local LBC's in the Katy/Sugar Land family!  

Seriously, Juice in the City is so fun to work with, and they have great incentives, such as cash bonuses!  They even ask US quite often what is our best motivator, what prizes we like, etc.  

So take a gander and apply, what could it hurt?? :)  Make sure to mention my name!  Thanks friends!

Arizona                   California              Colorado                Georgia
Phoenix                    Los Angeles                        Denver                     Atlanta
                                    Orange County
                                    San Diego
                                    San Francisco

Illinois                    Maryland               Massachusetts    Minnesota
Chicago                    Baltimore                Boston                      Minneapolis

New Jersey                        New York               North Carolina    Oregon
New Jersey             New York City       Charlotte                 Portland

Pennsylvania      Texas                       Washington          Washington D.C
Philadelphia           Austin                       Seattle                       Washington D.C.
                                    San Antonio

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1 comment:

Beaver said...

You'll let me know the minute they need someone in the Auburn/Opelika area, right? :)

I'm so happy that this has been such a blessing in your life. :)

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