Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Anna!

Anna Banana--I can't believe you're already one!  Where has the time gone?  Good thing your the littlest of the three because I am not ready for you to grow up!!  A year ago yesterday I was waiting and wondering when you'd come.  We are so happy you did come, and what a blessing you have been to our lives!

You are laid back and easy going.  You absolutely adore your big brother and sister, and your Mommy and Daddy!!  Your face lights up and you say Da Da Da Da when he comes home from work. We've been working briefly on signing and you've picked up all done, more and eat so far.

You stalled from about 6 months - 11.5 months and only gained a few ounces (stayed in the 17 pound range), but when we took you in last week you were up to 21 pounds!  Still short and round like we like 'em!  Hi was your first word.  You love cruising around and having your independence.  You started crawling around 9 months and you've got amazing balance now with standing, but you haven't taken that first step.  You've come to love paper and the noises it can make.  You still only have your super cute bottom two middle teeth.  You were drooling for awhile so we thought you'd be our first baby with more than 2 at 12 months, but alas, still only the 2.  You don't eat like it though, whatEVER we put in front of you, you scarf down.  You expect to eat the entire time you're in your high chair, so we have to make sure we keep lots of cheerios, bread pieces, goldfish, veggie straws, etc around.  Mommy weaned you at 11 months to formula, my first ever!  You were on it 2 weeks or so and you've been on whole milk ever since.  You are great with a sippy, but can't quite figure out the straw cups.

Anna, we pray God's blessings over you today.  We hope to make you a big sister within a year or so, and know you'll be great at it.  Our little bit, we pray one blessing over you constantly: that you will grow in knowledge of the Lord Jesus and that He will guide your life and path, making you dangerous for His kingdom!  We pray His light will shine through you as you mature, and we are so blessed to be a part of that process.  We praise God each day for your life Anna, Happy 1st Birthday!!!

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Check out her birth story here

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The Paradis Family said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Miss Anna~she is TOO stinkin CUTE!!!! I read her birth story and I have to admit, my anxiety level may have went up several notches ;-P Hope y'all have a wonderful day celebrating :)

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